Organic Herbal Tea Blends Juice at Home. New in!

Herbal tea, tea, cookies and jam …

When at Juice at Home we decided to surprise a customer with our new gourmet line, we ended up being surprised with a heart full of joy, by his sharing of the tasting experience …

“When she got home, she stopped in the doorway. I met her eyes through the window of the kitchen door. She smiled and so did I. Our gaze began a silent dialogue that confirmed the pleasant, fragrant environment of the fragrance. chamomile tea and lemon grass, which spread throughout the house.

I opened the door and our daughters came in toward the living room, each with a small plate full of biscuits while I sliced the bread on which we would spread the delicious-looking cherry jam.
As she entered the kitchen, she had finished making tea, and when we realized we were sitting at the table with our family, our eyes were shining because we knew we were going to taste the intense and delicious flavors of Juice at Home.
It was this wonderful evening that Juice at Home gave us by sending us this little treat. Teas & Infusions, cookies and Jam!

The busy rhythm of the day slowed, accompanied by the twilight outside and the slowly taking over silence of the street. We wanted to be in tune with the cycle of the sun and nature. So I opted to leave the wake up tea for the next morning, with green tea and hibiscus, to try the herbal tea Relax, with chamomile and lemongrass.

Such an end of day filled our hearts. The crispy biscuits made in a wood oven sprinkled with crumbs all around us. We didn’t care about that, because the taste of that heart-shaped biscuit was just wonderful, and the falling crumbs looked like sighs of pleasure.

Finally, the extra sweet cherry with its indescribable taste … Balanced in its sweetness, nothing loses in the intensity of the cherry whose pieces mix to give it an irresistible texture when combined with bread or spread on a slice of cheese.
With this experience we rediscover, with each warm drink of the relaxing tea, the purity of spirit in tune with the elements. With every bite we discover, Juice at Home’s sophisticated and alternative taste. “

Herbal tea, tea, cookies and jam … por Alexandre Rodrigues

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