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Love by Juice at Home .  Private collection

Take care of yourself . Spoil yourself!

Bath Blaster

Bath Blaster to soak are the easiest way to enjoy aromatherapy, body moisturizing and essential oils at home, handcrafted and made with love to enjoy a true Home Spa.

Perfect for travelling, holidays and gifts. Imagine preparing yourself for a special moment were need to be radiant, moisturized, with a unique and delicate skin!

A perfect pleasure bath for those special occasions. Enjoy as a couple or simply alone to delight yourself and prepare for a perfect moment.


Melted candle massage

Take a relaxing massage performed with aromatic hot candles, which after heated turn into a cocktail of essential oils.

Drop melted candle liquid on your skin and immediately feel a pleasant feeling of total relaxation.

It is a “journey into the world of the senses” as it will stimulate the sense of smell, hearing, sight and touch, try as a couple and you will enjoy a sense of physical and mental comfort.