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The perfect combination to celebrate … Surprise in the best way … 100% handcrafted gourmet


GIFT BOX DIAMOND Supreme Valley. Express Cup .

Celebrate special moments .  Surprise with the best of Portugal.

RED WINE SINO DA ROMANEIRA Quinta da Romaneira . Douro Wine

The Sino is a very pretty light delicate expression of the Douro terroir. Floral and spicy with notes of black pepper and rose peta Is characteristics of the great Douro grape varieties of Touriga and Tinta Roriz. Wellbalanced, smooth and fresh it has a harmonious finish.

1 Expresso Cup . Cork & Ceramics

Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil 

Olive oil Devotion is an extra virgin olive oil, free from additives and chemical preservatives, with less than 0,5% acidity, and with a greenish yellow colour, fruity scent, fresh and aromatic.

Handmade Strawberry and Passion Fruit Extra Jam in a Wood Oven OR Handmade Extra Blueberry Jam in a Wood Oven – 33% added sugar. Juice at Home

Made by master craftsmen this unique Jam is produced in a wood oven, something unique and tradicional. Something special that your palate will thank… Only made with selected fruit of the season, cooked in a wood oven, something unique and focused on handcraft roots, but with current food concerns, as it contains 33% less sugar added. 100g Exceptional jam, with a distinctive flavor, ranging from slightly sweet, sour and bitter

Handmade Cinnamon or Butter Cookies . Juice at Home

Traditionally handmade cookies, made with natural ingredients, free of preservatives, and manually wrapped and placed one by one inside the bags. Convent Revenue. Made by craftmasters.   Slightly crunchy crackers with a balanced flavor whose aroma is not misleading.

Handmade Dark Chocolate “Cookies” Blueberry and Pink Pepper 70gms. Juice at Home

A unique recipe, handmade and with the best selection of 70% cocoa, with selected dehydrated blueberry and pinches of pink pepper to open the palate with a subtle and special touch. It’s ugly to lick your fingers, but with so much quality those who like chocolate melt for it!


We are flexible and we want you to be completely satisfied, so if you would like to exchange one of the items for another, simply send us an email with your request and we will do our best to make it to your liking.


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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm


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