Gift Box Brunch Time

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Perfect gift for a brunch. Surprise and delight yourself!

2 Organic Tea: Lemon Verbena & Amalia . Hands on Earth

2 Extra Jam:  “Rocha” pear & Azores Pineapple with Herb Principe. Meia Duzia

2 Cinnamon Handmade Biscuits and Butter Cookies . Juice at Home

Keep Traying Cork Tray . Korko

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Gift Box Brunch Time

Brunch time with Portuguese flavors and aromas. Have a great time alone or with your friends or family. Become delighted with this Portuguese Brunch way.  Creating memorable memories for life. Photo of the biscuits altered. See the box description in more detail below.

Gift Box Brunch Time .  7 products. Adornments presentation not included

Brand selection:

Juice at Home, Hands on Earth, Meia Duzia, Korko Amorim

Amalia – Organic Tea – Great Taste gold 2012

Prince Herb and Purple Perpetual – For refreshing moments

Lemon Verbena – Organic Tea– Great Taste gold 2014


Infusion with Lemon taste and flavor, very pleasant.

Mild sedative and relaxant. May help soothe bronchial and nasal congestion.

Extra Jam  Azores Pineapple with Herb Principe

This fruit jam offers a pleasant scent with a strong citric and bittersweet flavour, from the mixture of Azores Pineapple with Lemongrass. It has unique qualities are highlighted by the fruit flavour characteristics and the aromatic herb, giving it a refreshing lemon scent. This Protected Origin Denomination (DOP) fruit, presents itself with a cylindrical shape, strong orange peel and yellow pulp. The Azores Pineapple (Ananás Comosus L. Merril, Cayenne variety) is cultivated on the ‘São Miguel’ Island (part of Azores archipelago, Portugal) and it’s produced in greenhouses using traditional farming techniques: using smoke induction and “warm beds” from the slow burning of vegetative materials, giving it unique flavour and scent qualities. The fruit jam is quite versatile and it’s an excellent ingredient for salad dressings, appetizers made with ham, toppings for your favorite ice creams or yogurts, fillings or frostings for cakes, especially the chocolate ones, chantilly pies, and panna cotta. This fruit jam’s also a favorite ingredient in a variety of afternoon cocktails for its excelent pairing with vodka, gin, and rum.

“Bravo de Esmolfe” Aplle with cinamon . Meia duzia

This is a special apple, produced in the north and central regions of Portugal, of Protected Origin Denomination (POD). It’s extremely aromatic, juicy, sweet and simultaneously sour, combining perfectly with the cinamon, that provides a touch of freshness to the jam. It can be used in many recipes, such as crab cakes or veal escalopes with mushrooms, as topping for ice-creams, cakes or even cocktails with Martini and ginger.

Handmade Cookies Cinnamon and Butter 

Handmade biscuits made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or colourings and manually packed.

Crusty biscuits, balanced with a flavour that doesn’t trick.

Keep Traying Cork Tray

This material, taken from cork tree every nine years, is completely natural. Juice at Home presents a product of functional cork, urban, sophisticated and in agreement with the traditions of Portuguese culture. Use cork board as an alternative piece decoration or simply as an object to serve at the table. Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material and trays can be cleaned with a damp cloth – in case you accidentally spill something. This material is unique and natural and given a simple decorative element, and sophisticated at the same time …

We are flexible and we want you to be completely satisfied with your box, so if you would like to swap out an item for something else, simply send us an e-mail with your request and we will do our best to ensure it fits!

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1 review for Gift Box Brunch Time

  1. Victor Hugo Cunha

    Com a Brunch Time foi fácil surpreender! Numa manhã tranquila, uma surpresa na cama.
    Das bolachas às tisanas, as compotas, então as compotas… de chorar por mais.
    A tisana Amalia é uma experiência única. A repetir em breve!

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