Organic White Tea “Pai Mu Tan” . Juice at Home


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Organic White Tea Pai Mu Tan . Beauty Tea . Both on the inside and on the outside!



Organic White Tea Pai Mu Tan .  Juice at Home

The beauty tea, elegante and sublime. For this tea, only the bud and the top two leaves of the tea plant are hand-picked. Pai Mu Tan means “white peony”. It enchants with a pleasantly floral, but also discreetly tart note. Its well- balanced flavour goes well with light summer salads and oriental dishes with legumes. Hummus and lentil soup also benefit from its taste as an accompanying beverage. Truly the finest tea enjoyment!


It is a high quality tea with an ochre infusion, fresh aroma and velvety taste. Digestive and perfect for making any afternoon enjoyable.

Aroma: Herby with a slightly fruity background.

Flavour: Delicate, herby, sweet as ripe fruit.

Colour: Straw yellow.


White tea is made from the most tender shoots of the Camellia Sinensis plant, when they still have the fuzz that covers them. They are collected, withered naturally and then dried out. This tea has a white, silvery colour, and is the variety which has the highest level of antioxidants and the lowest level of theine.

Known as the tea of beauty, it is one of the most exclusive and delicate varieties. It helps to look after us, both on the inside and on the outside.

We have developed 3 Blends to make your day much simpler. Our collection has 3 Blends: click and see them all : WakeUp, Digestive and Relax, if you want to change please put in the comments at checkout

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Infusions delicately flavored with spices and fruits, 100% biological and handmade.

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