Port Wine Castello D’ Alba Vintage 2011

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Port Wine Castello D' Alba Vintage 2011


The 2011 Vintage Port of Castello d’Alba issued from an exceptional vintage, is full with deep color and marked by irreproachable freshness and complexity. This wine shows an extraordinary structure and intensity with a very robust body, foreseeing an extremely long life in bottle.
Ideal pairing strong cheeses, such as Stilton, and dark chocolate. Get the most from your port wine by choosing a reasonable sized port glass. / Best served at 16ºC.
Wood Box bottle 75CL

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Port Wine Castello D’ Alba Vintage 2011


The Vintage Port of Castello d’Alba is only declared and bottled when the harvest is of highest quality, as it was in 2011. This wine results from a selection of the best noble native grape varieties of the Douro Superior, very ripe and healthy. Vinification of grape all together at a controlled temperature around 28-30 º C, with very long extraction, followed by the addition 77% brandy at low temperature in order to keep all primary and secondary aromas.

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