GIFT BOX SUPREME VALLEY Wine & Port Quinta Nova – Hampers Gourmet

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. Handmade Chocolate “cookies” Blueberry and red pepper . Juice at Home

. Handmade Jam Blueberry . Juice at Home

. Handmade Biscuits  Juice at Home

. Organic Infusion Blend DIGESTIVE .Lemon Verbena and Basil . Juice at Home

. Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo Unoaked Red Wine

. Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo LBV Port Wine



Gift Box Supreme Valley Quinta Nova. Hamper Gourmet

Gift Box Supreme Valley . Contains 06 products, see all in detail. Adornments presentation not included.

Dark Handmade Chocolate  “cookies” with Blueberry and Pink Pepper. Juice at Home

A unique recipe, handmade and with the best selection of 70% cocoa, with selected blueberry dehydrated and with pinches of pink pepper to be able to open the palate with a subtle and special touch., 80g.

It’s not nice to lick your fingers, but with so much quality those who like chocolate melt for it!

Handmade Extra Jam Blueberry made in wooden Oven – 33% added sugar. Juice at Home

Product elaborated with selected fruit of the season. The handmade jam is elaborated by traditional methods and with less 33% sugar addition 100gms. Elaborated by master craftsmen this exclusive jam is produced in wooden oven, something unique and traditional.  Something special that your palate will appreciate … Handmade jams with fruit selected at the time, with the difference that some are “made the sun” and provide the discovery of different flavors and without using any fertilizer or chemical pesticide.

Handmade Cinnamon or Butter Cookies . Juice at Home

Traditionally handmade cookies, made with natural ingredients, free of preservatives, and manually wrapped and placed one by one inside the bags. Convent Revenue. Made by craftmasters.   Slightly crunchy crackers with a balanced flavor whose aroma is not misleading.

Organic Infusion Blend DIGESTIVE .Lemon Verbena and Basil . Juice at Home

The Digestive herbal is based on an herbal recipe believed to support the digestive process. This herbal tea contains Lemon Verbena and Basil.

It is an excellent digestive with fresh citrus notes. The leaves are removed from the stems manually. Only the leaves from the upper half of the plant are chosen since it is in these that the highest concentration of essential oils is.

Our plants are proudly produced in the region of Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro, which is one of the sunshine hours in all of Europe, fundamental to the content and quality of the essential oils they have.

Perfumed Combinations, Extraordinary Creations, New Flavors and Challenges in a balance between tradition and modernity.

With a world at incredible speed, we need more and more calm, stress-free and, above all, healthy moments. The functional aspect of Infusion consumption is a fundamental aid to these moments.

To think about this we have developed 3 Blends to make your day a lot simpler. Our collection has 3 Blends: WakeUp, Digestive and Relax

Quinta Nossa Senhora do Carmo Red Wine Unoaked Red Wine

It presents a high freshness and youth. Its color is bright red, the intense aroma of ripe red fruits and a good body with very fine tannins. The finish is very satin and elegant.

Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo Port Wine LBV Late Bottled Vintage

This port wine is produced by the traditional method, presenting a large and enveloping, with an elegant and complex aroma. Some deposit in the bottle over time.


We are flexible and we want you to be completely satisfied with your box, so if you would like to swap out an item for something else, simply send us an e-mail with your request and we will do our best to ensure it fits!

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