Box Chef Hélio Loureiro III . Gourmet hamper with recipes of the chef

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Have you considered what to do for dinner tonight? How surprised and enjoy different dishes with gourmet ingredients? What if you could still build a narrative, or tell a story to the table with family and friends?.

In box 05 gourmet ingredients, do the following 1 recipe:
Sardines in tomato on arugula and citrus honey vinaigrette




Box Cooking by the Chef Hélio Loureiro V

We challenge Chef’s with distinct visions and “kitchens”, looking for gourmet Portuguese products and create their recipes and to sign your Box! Now imagine what will be their dishes with secret ingredients, to life and magic for you to become a real boss at home! The Juice at Home helps you in this.
The Box Chef Hélio Loureiro V contains 05 products, see all in detail. Adornments presentation not included.

Find out everything about the Cooking by the Chef project. See the recipes by Chef Hélio Loureiro.

Selected brands and products in the Box:

Beesweet, Juice at Home, La Gondola, Vinha dourada

Honey Experience – Citrus . Beesweet

Honey Citrus is light and fresh. Soft and citrus scent flavor, this honey takes us to fruit orchards where reigns the lemon aroma, orange, grapefruit and limes. It is a soft honey able to please the most exquisite tastes and the most sensitive palates. Of hazel / amber color, the taste in the mouth is soft and fruity, refreshing and citrus, sit on the palate lemon nuance. Match beautifully in fresh salads. Accompanies sweetly simple ice cream such as: cream and / or vanilla. Use it to sweeten natural yogurts. Honey Citrus is a great ingredient in the preparation of Caipirinhas and Mojitos, replacing sugar.

Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil Chilli . Bottle refill edition 200ml . Juice at Home

Extra virgin olive oil is available with flavour of Chilli varieties, all in 200ml glass bottle refill edition. The olive oil we use is Premium Extra Virgin, obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes, cold extracted, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0.3%.

Flavoring makes your salads, fish, meat or dish a real delight.

Fresh and fruity aroma with slight pungent

Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil 250ml

Premium Virgin Olive Oil, Extra. Devotion

“Devotion” olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0,5% of greenish-yellow color, fresh and aromatic fruity. It is an olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives, only by mechanical processes and with cold extraction.

It should be stored away from light and heat, and being a natural product it can present haze and some residue or solidify at low temperature.

Canned fish . La Gondola

Canned fish are manufactured by traditional pre-cooked method, carefully following the production by campaign, in which the fish is at the highest quality and taste. Quality is the main concern. They have a selected range of products: sardines, small sardines, mackerels, mackerel, tuna and Patés and a wide range of organic products, which can find and taste with Juice at Home.

Red Wine Vinha Dourada Doc .Douro

A wine for all occasions. With balanced and gastronomic profile, it portrays the best aromas and flavors of the Douro grapes. Crushing with total destemming, alcoholic fermentation at 26ºC and prolonged skin maceration. Stage 6 months in French oak barrels and 6 months in bottle. Color Granada. Aroma is predominant in fruits of the forest, jelly of red fruits and nuances of toasts and spices. Fruity flavor, soft, well structured, harmonious and with distinct persistence.

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