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Have you considered what to do for dinner tonight? How surprised and enjoy different dishes with gourmet ingredients? Open the Box for a new  kind of dinner.

In box 9 gourmet ingredients, do the following recipes:
Canned fish with candy hearts of lettuce
Grouper with herbs butter
Marinated duck
Pineapple with caramelized seeds




Box Cooking by the Chef Bogas Culinária

We challenge Chef’s with distinct visions and “kitchens”, looking for gourmet Portuguese products and create their recipes and to sign your Box! Now imagine what will be their dishes with secret ingredients, to life and magic for you to become a real boss at home! The Juice at Home helps you in this. Impress your family and friends.
The Box Bogas Culinária contains 9 products, see all in detail. Adornments presentation not included.


Find out everything about the Cooking by the Chef project. See the recipes by Chef Bogas Culinária.


Selected brands and products in the Box:
Doce Segredos, Hand on Earth, José Gourmet, La Gondola


Mix of caramelized seeds . Doce Segredos

Delight in the authentic flavors of caramelized seeds where their caramelization is made by hand without coloring or preservatives. This product consists of various seeds and nuts essential for good nutrition. Suggestions: cakes, fruit, ice cream, yogurt, milk, salads, among others…


Seasonings . Hands on Earth

The cultivation of biological herbs are without the use of any fertilizer or chemical pesticide. Preparation of aromatic organic herbs, spices and culinary for infusion, with or without salt.
Organic Seasonings for Duck – Parsley, Sage, Thyme Lemon, Dry Lemon and Portuguesa Flower Salt – package changed to 15gr PET.
Organic Seasoning Lemon Thyme – Thymus citriodorus – Excellent thyme to chicken and fish dishes – package changed to 15gr PET.
Edible Flowers – Composed by Ipswich Pinks, violets, tricolored violets and centaurios – package changed to 15gr PET.


Olive oil and Vinegar . José Gourmet

The olive oil JOSE results of modern, integrated production methods in the field, for the collection of olives at the right time of maturity and extraction “cold” that allows the preservation of its aromas. The production of this Olive oil has an important role in the local economy in the municipality of Portel. JOSE vinegar producer is a national and international reference. The vinegar JOSE is obtained by biological processes wine fermentation with 8% acidity. Vinegar aged in wood.


Canned fish . La Gondola

Canned fish are manufactured by traditional pre-cooked method, carefully following the production by campaign, in which the fish is at the highest quality and taste. Quality is the main concern. They have a selected range of products: sardines, small sardines, mackerels, mackerel, tuna and Patés and a wide range of organic products, which can find and taste with Juice at Home.
Cabazes gourmet, cabazes de Natal, prendas originais, Christmas Hampers

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