Sublime Asian Vegetable Box

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This box contains 5 products andvegetarian recipes de Asian inspiration.

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Asian Vegetable Sublime Box . 5 recipes - Recipes Vegetarian with smoked paprika, black pepper and sesame seeds that are superfoods, with Asian inspiration.

Simple, fast and delicious dishes that will bring comfort and joy to your soul.

In this Box we have some of the ingredients of the artisan masters with which you can make the following recipes:

 Veggie Chow Mein; Tahini; Noodles in the Pot; Oven Sweet Potato with Tahini Sauce; Mushroom Stroganoff

 This box contains 5 products:

1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Malagueta Flavored – Juice at Home

Juice at Home flavored extra virgin olive oil is available in the varieties of Malagueta, Oregano in 200ml glass bottles, in refill bottle format for collection and taking to the table. The oil we use is Premium Extra Virgin, obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes, and cold extraction, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0,3%.

The olive varieties used are Galega, Cordovil and Verdeal, being worked in an Ecological Press, at a temperature of 27ºC, without the addition of water or preservatives. This oil is subsequently subjected to a natural decantation in stainless steel tanks, at a constant temperature and hermetically sealed, so that all its characteristics are maintained.

The same fresh, fruity aroma prevails, with a slightly spicy finish, and with a shelf life of 18 months after packaging.

It can be used raw as a starter, to season pasta, meat or fish, as well as for cooking.

1 Sesame Seed Bio – Juice at Home

Very small, but tasty and nutritious, sesame seeds are considered the oldest oilseeds in the world. They are often used as toppings in breads, biscuits, soups, salads and Asian dishes.

at any meal, the sesame it can be at the table and it's so simple to start using it almost every day. The sesame or sesame seed, as it is also known, is an excellent source of nutrients, not to mention its flavor that adds to the dishes that crunchy texture that makes a good dish an exceptional dish.

Nowadays, it is very common to find in the ingredients list of healthy, vegan or vegetarian recipes, a sesame seed by-product: the tahini. A Sesame paste or sesame can be used to spread bread, toast, biscuits, etc., and is also widely used in Arab cuisine in the preparation of sauces and patés.

1 Devotion. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

This oil is an extra virgin oil, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0,5%, greenish yellow in color, fresh fruity and aromatic. It is a superior category oil obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes and with cold extraction.


Pepper is one of the most used spices in the world. Black pepper grains, derived from the dried berries of Piper nigrum L., here they are presented in the ground version and from biological origin. Our spices are ground before packaging and this way they guarantee an experience and concentration of a very distinct flavor.

A Bio Black Pepper is a 100% natural product, of biological origin, without additives and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Very aromatic and with a mild to spicy flavor, it is an ingredient that goes very well in any savory dish.


Colorau Fumado Bio is a 100% natural product, of biological origin, without additives and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Very aromatic is a well known ingredient in vegetarian cooking as it gives a smoky flavor to cooking.

This paprika is smoked with green oak wood.

It is a seasoning of choice for cooks looking for new inspiration: potatoes, rice and pasta, grilled vegetables, ratatouille, savory pies, soups and soups, gratins… The uses are unlimited. For vegetarians, its use is particularly interesting. It's delicious in recipes for hamburgers, barbecue flavored sauces, grilled tofu, etc.

Asian Vegetable Sublime Box . 5 recipes. We are flexible and want you to be completely satisfied, so if you would like to exchange any of the items for another, just send us an email with your order and we will do our best to make it to your liking. If you prefer one of the optional products available, please put your choice in the comments box at checkout.

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