GIFT BOX Christmas Reserve with Buttered Cheese. Gourmet Baskets

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Fantastic box to celebrate and taste this beautiful cheese with traditional toast and sweet.

This box contains 5 products;

Conde D'Ervideira Reserva Red Wine, Artisanal Toasts, Cheese, Olive Oil and Artisanal Jam


GIFT BOX Christmas Buttered Cheese. Gourmet Baskets

Enjoy and delight yourself with the 5 Gourmet products selected. Genal corporate gifts, birthday gifts

1 RED WINE Conde D'Ervideira Reserva. Alentejo

 It presents red fruit aromas, complexed by the wood. It is velvety, with an excellent structure and smooth tannins. 

The best lots of grapes vinify variety by variety. Aragonez ferments in “vinimatics”, while the other varieties ferment in mechanical treading presses, at a temperature of 22º to 24ºC


1 Alvelhe Reserve Cheese

It is a buttery, cured cheese, with a soft white paste and a malleable, yellowish rind. It has a slightly accentuated but mild flavor and aroma.

They are Reserva, the cheeses that after their manufacture undergo a specific maturation process. This maturation culminates in a final organoleptic test by our cheese masters who will assess whether this batch will be a Reserva. Only batches that show special requirements, in terms of the texture of the paste, peel, aroma and flavor, will be worthy of bearing the name Reserva


1 Extra Handmade Sweet from Fundão Cherry. Juice at Home

The artisanal jam is made using traditional methods, we use selected seasonal fruits and the cherry production takes place between the Serra da Gardunha and Serra da Estrela, a region with excellent conditions for the development of the cherry tree.
Its firm, fleshy consistency and very sweet flavor, whose color ranges from bright red to purple, elevate the compote into a deliciousness of color and unique taste.
Fruits stay longer in the sun, harvested fresh, which release their natural flavors allowing a unique and different flavor to the jam.
The characteristics of this sweet make it an ideal accompaniment to mild-tasting cheeses, cheesecake toppings, ice cream, waffles, crepes or to accompany a breakfast or snack with scones. This fruit contains protein, calcium, iron and vitamins A, B and C. No coloring or preservatives.


1 Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil Flavored Piri-piri ou Oregano Bottle Refill Edition. Juice at Home

Juice at Home flavored extra virgin olive oil is available in the varieties of Malagueta or Oregano in 200ml glass bottles, in a refill format for collection and ready to take to the table. 

The oil we use is Premium Extra Virgin, a superior oil obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes, and cold extraction, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0,3%. 

Greenish yellow in color, fruity, fresh and aromatic. 

The flavoring makes your salads, fish, meat or placing on a plate a real delight.

Fresh, fruity and slightly spicy aroma

It must be kept away from light and heat, and as it is a natural product, it may show turbidity and some feet, or solidify when the temperature decreases. 


1 Traditional Water and Salt Toasts ou Crafted toasts in a wood oven. Juice at Home

Delicious water and salt biscuits packaged in doses of 4 biscuits. Paupério's Água e Sal wafer has only a salt content of 0,7g/100g of product.

Our homemade toasts are ideal for cheese, jam or pates. Handcrafted, shaped like crackers, they are made in a wood oven based on a convent recipe. We use only natural ingredients, without coloring or preservatives, and they are manually packed and fitted, one by one, into the bags.
Slightly crunchy biscuits with a balanced flavor whose aroma is not deceiving.


We are flexible and want you to be completely satisfied, so if you would like to exchange any of the items for another, just send us an Email with your order and we will do our best to make it to your liking. At checkout you can place a personalized message on the gift card.

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