GIFT BOX Celebration IV . Gourmet basket

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The perfect combination for a celebration. Enjoy and delight … or surprise family, friends or clients!

This box contains:
Port Wine, Sparkling Wine, Traditional Biscuits, Handmade Chocolate and Handmade Jam


GIFT BOX Celebration IV – Gourmet Basket, the perfect combination for a celebration. Enjoy and delight … or surprise family, friends or clients!

Contains 5 selected Gourmet products, see them all in detail:

Reserve port wine. Cockburn's

Cockburn's was founded in 1815 by Robert Cockburn, a Scottish soldier who fought in Portugal during the Peninsular War. Today, this secular company belongs to the Symington family, Port wine producers for over 125 years.

Extra Gross Reserve Sparkling . São Domingos Cellars

The sparkling wine with a young aroma, lots of freshness, with notes of apricot and pear. The presence of yeast is an indication of the classic sparkling process. Elegance in the mouth, alive and very complex, very fine bubble, everything full of balance. Consensual and versatile for any time of day or night.

“Cookies” Handmade Dark Chocolate Slices with Blueberry and Pink Pepper. Juice at Home

A unique artisanal recipe with the best cocoa selection (70%), with organic dehydrated blueberry and hints of pink pepper.
Dark Chocolate is creamy and very deep and in order to open the palate with a subtle and special touch, the sweetest of peppers, pink pepper offers chocolate a strong aroma and a delicate and deep texture. Pack 70g
No preservatives
It's ugly to lick your fingers, but with such quality whoever loves chocolate melts for it!

Aveiro rabies or traditional Paupério biscuit

Raivas is one of the cookies from the region of Aveiro that little is known about its appearance. Some people say that the name came about because of the difficulty in cracking the biscuit, that the gesture made is similar to the gesture of an angry person. “It makes me angry to crack this biscuit” .

Paupério biscuits, delicious and crunchy, much appreciated by children and adults for over a hundred years, they are handcrafted, maintaining the traditional formula.


Crafted Blueberry Jam in a 250g wood oven – 33% added sugar. Juice at Home

Product made with selected fruit of the season. The artisan jam, made by traditional methods and with 33% less added sugar 250g.
Made by master craftsmen, this exclusive jam is produced in a wood oven, something unique and unique. Something special is your palate will thank you…
Handmade jams with fruits selected at the time, with the difference that some are “made in the sun” and allow the discovery of different flavors and without the use of any fertilizer or chemical pesticide.


GIFT BOX Celebration IV . Gourmet basket. We are flexible and want you to be completely satisfied, so if you would like to exchange any of the items for another, just send us an Email with your order and we will do our best to make it to your liking. If you prefer one of the optional products available, please put your choice in the comments box at checkout.

GIFT BOX Celebration IV . Gourmet basket

GIFT BOX Grand Collection II . Gourmet basket

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