Biological Herbal Blend DIGESTIVE . Juice at Home

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Moments to calm the mind and facilitate digestion after a nice meal… DIGESTIVE…


Biological Herbal Blend DIGESTIVE. Lemongrass and Basil. Juice at Home

Blend Digestive – A combination of two ingredients known for their digestive power, Limonete and Basil. The citrus flavor and aroma of Limonete with the light touch of spices promoted by basil. Moments to calm the mind and facilitate digestion after a nice meal...

The Digestive Herbal Tea is based on an herbal recipe believed to support the digestive process. This herbal tea contains Lemon and Basil. It is an excellent digestive with fresh citrus notes

Leaves are removed from the stems manually. Only the leaves from the top half of the plant are chosen, as they contain the highest concentration of essential oils.

Our plants are proudly produced in the Azores and in the Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro region, which is one of the most sunny in Europe, fundamental for the content and quality of the essential oils they contain.

Perfumed Combinations, Extraordinary Creations, New and Challenging Flavors in a balance between tradition and modernity.

With a world at incredible speed, we need more and more moments of calm, stress-free and, above all, healthy. The functional aspect of tea consumption is a fundamental help for these moments.

With this in mind we developed 5 Blends to make your day much simpler. Our collection has 5 Blends: WakeUp, Digestive, Christmas, White Tea and Relax

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