Christmas GIFT BOX with Cheese. Gourmet basket

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A gift for lovers of moments of socializing and sharing.

This box contains 4 products:

Red wine doc Alentejo, olive oil, cheese and artisanal jam


GIFT BOX Christmas with Cheese – Gourmet Basket. A gift for lovers of moments of socializing and sharing.

Contains 4 selected Gourmet products, see them all in detail:

Ana's RED WINE . Herdade do Sobroso . Alentejo

The grapes were harvested by hand and transported to our winery where the transformation process began with vinification in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature and prolonged post-fermentation maceration for 21 days
Tasting Notes: Intense aroma of red fruits, spices and cocoa. Balanced and elegant.
Each bottle of our wine contains over 2000 years of history and tradition.
Already in the time when the Romans populated Vitigéria, which means “Land of Wine”, in the Alentejo region where Herdade do Sobroso is located, wine was produced along the Guadiana River.
Ana's was the name with which they named this river, which runs for more than 4 km in Herdade do Sobroso, and which, together with its pebble soils, create a perfect terroir for unique wines.


Alvelhe Reserve Cheese

It is a buttery, cured cheese, with a soft white paste and a malleable, yellowish rind. It has a slightly accentuated but mild flavor and aroma.

They are Reserva, the cheeses that after their manufacture undergo a specific maturation process. This maturation culminates in a final organoleptic test by our cheese masters who will assess whether this batch will be a Reserva. Only batches that show special requirements, in terms of paste texture, peel, aroma and flavor, will be worthy of bearing the Reserva designation.


Handmade Jam of Strawberry and Passion Fruit or Blueberry in a Firewood Oven 100g – 33% added sugar. Juice at Home

Product made with selected fruit of the season. The artisan jam, made by traditional methods and with 33% less added sugar 100g.
Made by master craftsmen, this exclusive jam is produced in a wood oven, something unique and unique. Something special is your palate will thank you…
Handmade jams with fruits selected at the time, with the difference that some are “made in the sun” and allow the discovery of different flavors and without the use of any fertilizer or chemical pesticide.


Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavored Piri-piri or Oregano Bottle Refill Edition. Juice at Home

Juice at Home flavored extra virgin olive oil is available in the varieties of Malagueta or Oregano in 200ml glass bottles, in a refill format for collection and ready to take to the table.
The oil we use is Premium Extra Virgin, a superior oil obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes, and cold extraction, without additives or preservatives, with an acidity of less than 0,3%.
Greenish yellow in color, fruity, fresh and aromatic.
The flavoring makes your salads, fish, meat or placing on a plate a real delight.
Fresh, fruity and slightly spicy aroma.
It must be kept away from light and heat, and as it is a natural product, it may show turbidity and some feet, or solidify when the temperature decreases.


Christmas GIFT BOX with Cheese. Gourmet Basket We are flexible and want you to be completely satisfied, so if you would like to exchange any of the items for another, just send us one. Email with your order and we will do our best to make it to your liking. If you prefer one of the optional products available, please put your choice in the comments box at checkout.

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Christmas GIFT BOX with Cheese. Gourmet basket

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