What is a hot candle massage?

juiceathome-cabazes-natal-velamassagemClose your eyes. Imagine yourself lying down, ready to receive a massage. Imagine now a thread of hot melted candle wax running through your body. This is candle massage, an American technique that won over the beauty clinics and that became a success.

This massage has as the concept stimulating the senses and uses a special wax prepared with esencial and scented oils to provide relaxation.


The candle massage isn’t just a moment of relaxation. The benefits are varied:
– Stress, fatigue and sleeplessness relief;
– Relief of the feeling of exhaustion;
– Relaxation;
– Promotion of the body’s general wellbeing.


Massage candles… at home?

We can’t always resort to a massage on a SPA. Enjoy the benefits you can obtain from these candles, and while you take a bath, you should light up your candle and relax with its scent. In the end, you will have your oil ready. This oil can be used as a moisturizer daily.

Juice_at_Home_cabazes_natal_gourmet_Gift_Box_VelaThe Juice at Home massage candle uses soy wax and has an innovative and ecological base, result of soy oil hydrogenation process.

The fragrance you choose, Ginseng, an intoxicating and sensual aroma, both fresh and spicy, with hints of cinnamon and patchouli.

This mixture awakens your senses while dipping your skin a fresh hydration.

The wax melted candle applied still warm on the body provides a relaxation and stress reduction. The temperature of the liquid wax is slightly higher than the temperature of the 39th body, comfort and relax muscles. When melted candle wax releases the aroma of ginseng flavored essential oils present in its composition, as well as nutrients that are good for skin, and promote sense of well being.

Their burning is non-polluting. If it falls on a tissue or mobile, wash only with soap and water.

How to use:

Light the candle, enjoy its aroma for your bath. See our Diva Gift Box and Muse Gift Box for a full treatment Spa at Home, or Box Shine and Glow with solutions and flavored effervescent baths.







When the candle shows a small formation of liquid wax, remove a little with your fingers, carefully, and massage the hands and feet or do a massage on the whole body.

For unique moments of relaxation where taking care of you is the most important…
Scented candle for hot massage! A unique sensory experience… by Juice at Home.

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