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I imagine that you must have already thought about changing some eating habits, but ended up giving up when faced with the process of discovering other foods and new ways to prepare them.

There is nothing wrong with that! I know well that our day-to-day life is too absorbing, it consumes our time and energy.

Since I created Juice at Home, I've set out to discover the true essence of food to offer you alternatives that are rich in flavor and that come from traditional and sustainable methods.

My name is Ana Lucas and I want to present several suggestions for vegetable based meals.

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Choosing vegetarian meals one day a week is a surprising and simple challenge. That's why we have a line of natural and organic condiments to add flavor to your vegetarian meals. We have to offer you an e-book of vegetable based recipes to provide you with an easy, fun and worry-free experience.

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To nourish body and soul

Creating, tasting healthy foods and contributing to a more sustainable world is, for me, one of the most enriching experiences. Over time I created and adapted recipes rich in flavor and that I can share with family or friends. So I share healthy, delicious recipes with you, as well as cooking videos and tips to make your vegetarian and vegan lifestyle easier and more rewarding!


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These oil seeds, originating in Asia, have been used both in cooking and in traditional Asian medicine. It contains a high content of calcium, lecithin, soy, fatty acids (omega-3), vitamin E (antioxidant) and B-complex vitamins, which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. They are a good source of sodium and potassium, contributing to the normal maintenance of the body's water balance.


Chia is a superfood with several health benefits, such as improving digestive function, maintaining low cholesterol levels and even helping to reduce appetite, as it is rich in fiber and vitamins. The chia seed has in its composition omega-3, antioxidants, calcium, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, which make this seed an excellent nutritional supplement, natural and economical.