Visiting the Tea Plantation

Visiting the Tea Plantation … Azores … Learn more, taste better …

In search of a new experience … we went to visit the tea plantation in São Miguel, where organic green tea comes from our exclusive blend Wake-up Juice at Home The place is idyllic to enjoy a cup of tea, we can enjoy the vast landscape of the plantation

The smell of fresh tea and flowers that surround the property associated with the stunning view of the blue sea and the heady green of the mountains constitutes an authentic paradise as peculiar as tea.

The plantations have characteristics unique to our climate, the pH of the clayey, acidic and mineral-rich soil and, of course, the sea breeze that falls on the plants and the artisanal cultivation methods. These are essentially the reasons why the only place where tea has been produced in Europe for more than a century is here on the plantations of the intoxicating island of São Miguel.

Here time stops … people are kind, affable, take care of each others and their lands. With a world at incredible speed we increasingly need quiet, stress-free and above all, healthy moments. The functional aspect of tea consumption is a fundamental help for these moments. With these moments in mind, we created Blend Wake-up:

Biological Herbal Tea Blend WAKE-UP. Azores Green Tea, Hibiscus and Peppermint. Juice at Home

This blend was created to combine the pleasure of a refreshing drink with the power to awaken your senses. Contains Peppermint and Hibiscus which are excellent sources of freshness. The presence of Green Tea from the Azores recognized by the richness in tannins and antioxidants, and the exclusive proximity to the ocean give a delicate flavor as well as the lower concentration of Teína in relation to Asian plantations. Unlike caffeine, Teína has a prolonged effect throughout the day. Moments to enjoy life, full of enthusiasm and emotion, from sunrise to sunset …

The leaves are removed from the stems manually. Only the leaves from the upper half of the plant are chosen since it is in these that the highest concentration of essential oils is found. Our plants are proudly produced in the Azores (green tea) and in the region of Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro, which is one of the most sunny in Europe, essential for the content and quality of essential oils that have. We create fragrant combinations, extraordinary creations, new and challenging flavors in a balance between tradition and modernity.

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