Herbal tea, tea, cookies and jam …

When at Juice at Home we decided to surprise a customer with our new gourmet line, we ended up being surprised with a heart full of joy, by his sharing of the tasting experience …

“When she got home, she stopped in the doorway. I met her eyes through the window of the kitchen door. She smiled and so did I. Our gaze began a silent dialogue that confirmed the pleasant, fragrant environment of the fragrance. chamomile tea and lemon grass, which spread throughout the house.

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Gold, incense and myrrh have already passed into history !!

Here we prefer wines, olive oil, chocolates, sweets, jams and teas…

It is already seen that Gourmet Hampers in a Gift Box are the new trend!






However, this year Juice at Home presents yet another new : the mix of gourmet foods with exclusive pieces such as: tasting plates of olive oil, tables, pot bases, cups and more, all from Portuguese designers.

Even cod has prepared to fit into these original Christmas Hampers and is as trendy as ever for your company to celebrate Christmas, offering sophistication and creating a lasting keepsake for the recipient, gaining recognition and exposure. This occasion is to be enjoyed leisurely and happy, for this reason, take advantage of our suggestions and pass the worries to us …. We deal with everything !!

Select from our suggestions:   Cabazes Gourmet  ou  Prendas Originais



or send us e-mail to do something according to your needs and budget.

Do you have a birthday? and now?! What to take?! The eternal question …

Trust us and surprise those who receive!

At Juice at Home we work to always have tasteful and sophisticated options for our customers to surprise at the moment of offering.

Our proposals are 100% Portuguese products, packed in a Gift Box, always very well presented.

A modern and innovative approach for more demanding people. The Gift Box will contain a happy birthday card along with a message that you can customize for your birthday party.

What are you waiting for? Curious to see the inside of these Box’s?! look here


We want to share a great news! We were the winners of the Zankyou International Wedding Awards, at national level in the category of wedding Gifts, as one of the best wedding professionals of 2017. 















This recognition and award for Juice at Home is done by the wedding industry professionals, top bloggers and satisfied grooms. ZIWA are the most important international awards in the bridal sector and take place annually in 14 countries. Thanks for the Zankyou weddings esteem and confidence in our work. We are very proud to have won! Thank you for all your support and we will continue to work to provide our best.

For unique moments and for special people, Giftbox’s wedding time by Juice at Home celebrate love and marriage.

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Hmmmm… It’s so nice to come home after a stressful day and be able to relax. Detach us from the “outside world” and let us involve by the fragrance of our sweet home. A scent that awakens the memory for moments of happiness lived there, from whom we love. 

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Christmas hampers? Reasonable doubt! That is to say … Good question!

I thought about this and even did some research … actually a hamper is a hamper, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, we at Corporate Juice at Home we propose surprising (without shocking) and we  bring a value proposition.

cabazes de natal

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