5 Great Gifts For Men

Traditionally, here is a list of the standard Christmas gifts men are surprised with:

. Socks

. Ties

. Puzzles

. Books

. Restaurant Vouchers

. Weekends away

. Gym membership


Nothing wrong with any of these as Mens Christmas gifts, however we believe when you give a Gourmet Hamper or gift filled with delicious treats & beautiful wines, you don’t just give a gift, you give an experience.

Here are our most popular Christmas Gifts for Men.

We have listed 5 of our Top Gourmet Gift Hampers, but please take a look on the site or in the brochure and you can decide which fabulous Christmas Hamper or Gourmet Gift you would like delivered to your door.






A Gourmet Box representing Portugal. Surprise who receives! We take care of the surprise and shipping!


Foodies e Food lovers special Gift

Box’s Cooking by the Chef

Gourmet ingredients that make up different recipes signed by a Chef, all in one Box.
It’s very simple… in an easy way, you can create an environment of a true Chef at home












Gift Box Celebration . Cabaz Gourmet

Offer a taste event and enjoy this fantastic pallete of aromas and flavors.



Gift Box Celebration IV

The gift to amaze those who you love the most.

A sweet and unique gift to create everlasting memories.








Luxe Gift Card 50€

Special Gift for special moments! Combine sophistication and make it delicious and give a long lasting impression. Let your offer be personalized and suitable for their taste.


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