Visiting the Tea Plantation … Azores … Learn more, taste better …

In search of a new experience … we went to visit the tea plantation in São Miguel, where organic green tea comes from our exclusive blend Wake-up Juice at Home The place is idyllic to enjoy a cup of tea, we can enjoy the vast landscape of the plantation

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Visiting Olive grove and mill … Extra Virgin Olive oil … Learn more, taste better …

We went to Olive grove, on a beautiful late February morning, looking for a new experience …

We were amazed by the beauty of the farm, its olive grove, cipestres that reach the sky and the terracotta color of the building, reminds us of a cozy and familiar environment …

We have tasted five Premium oils, four of them monovarietal, Verdeal, Maçanilha, Picual, Cobrançosa and a Selection that is produced with a mixture of excellence of properly selected varieties.

There are differences in aroma and character between them. Verdeal is the mildest and Cobrançosa the most spicy, the others are among them. But there is much more than spicy to evaluate. Bitter and fruity also vary as well as many other attributes


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Herbal tea, tea, cookies and jam …

When at Juice at Home we decided to surprise a customer with our new gourmet line, we ended up being surprised with a heart full of joy, by his sharing of the tasting experience …

“When she got home, she stopped in the doorway. I met her eyes through the window of the kitchen door. She smiled and so did I. Our gaze began a silent dialogue that confirmed the pleasant, fragrant environment of the fragrance. chamomile tea and lemon grass, which spread throughout the house.

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Gold, incense and myrrh have already passed into history !!

Here we prefer wines, olive oil, chocolates, sweets, jams and teas…

It is already seen that Gourmet Hampers in a Gift Box are the new trend!






However, this year Juice at Home presents yet another new : the mix of gourmet foods with exclusive pieces such as: tasting plates of olive oil, tables, pot bases, cups and more, all from Portuguese designers.

Even cod has prepared to fit into these original Christmas Hampers and is as trendy as ever for your company to celebrate Christmas, offering sophistication and creating a lasting keepsake for the recipient, gaining recognition and exposure. This occasion is to be enjoyed leisurely and happy, for this reason, take advantage of our suggestions and pass the worries to us …. We deal with everything !!

Select from our suggestions:   Cabazes Gourmet  ou  Prendas Originais



or send us e-mail to do something according to your needs and budget.

Perfect gifts for her, at the a mouse click.

We know that it is sometimes less easy to think of original and gourmet gifts to offer to a woman. We leave here some inspirations for gifts for the woman of your life.

Can you ask us why it is that elegant Gift Boxes Gift Box’s make the treats in gifts for women? Combine smell and taste in a gift and will offer a true moment of happiness to those who receive it.

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How should a company’s gift approach be?




In our opinion, they should help you establish a personal connection with the recipient while giving recognition and exposure to your business.

Our proposal is 100% Portuguese products representing our culture but with a contemporary twist.

Offer gifts in a Gift Box that combine sophistication and unique tasting moments, and create a lasting keepsake for the recipient.

A modern and innovative approach for more demanding audiences with exclusive Portuguese products, elegance in presentation and without losing time … We treat everything!

Original gifts that can also contain your logo, lasting your brand.

Nothing better than a gift or basket in Gift Box that contains gourmet products selected by you and Portuguese products customized with your brand logo.

Start now to create distinctiveness and emphasize your brand in special moments like: business celebrations, birthdays, confessions, workshops or as a gesture of thanks.


Seja para expressar gratidão a um cliente ou colaborador, um presente de aniversário , o recrutamento de um novo funcionário, um jantar de quadros da empresa, um presente corporativo Juice at Home deixará uma impressão duradoura. corporative gifts , business gifts , portuguese gifts , gourmet gifts, gourmet products, portuguese gourmet products, gourmet hampers, gourmet baskets, gourmet gifts

Send us an email to [email protected] and ask us for suggestions and budgets adapted to your reality.





presas prendas catering,
Cabazes de Natal para Empresas. Prendas e Presentes Gourmet Originais. Ofertas Criativas. Giftbox.



Traditionally, here is a list of the standard Christmas gifts men are surprised with:

. Socks

. Ties

. Puzzles

. Books

. Restaurant Vouchers

. Weekends away

. Gym membership


Nothing wrong with any of these as Mens Christmas gifts, however we believe when you give a Gourmet Hamper or gift filled with delicious treats & beautiful wines, you don’t just give a gift, you give an experience.

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Do you have a birthday? and now?! What to take?! The eternal question …

Trust us and surprise those who receive!

At Juice at Home we work to always have tasteful and sophisticated options for our customers to surprise at the moment of offering.

Our proposals are 100% Portuguese products, packed in a Gift Box, always very well presented.

A modern and innovative approach for more demanding people. The Gift Box will contain a happy birthday card along with a message that you can customize for your birthday party.

What are you waiting for? Curious to see the inside of these Box’s?! look here


Gourmet Box and make a Chef at Home Experience

Have you ever imagined elaborating sophisticated culinary pieces for your family? Gather your friends, have dinner at your house and surprise with signature dishes? Or simply offer a Gourmet Gift with Experience signed by a chef?

We have 8 different boxes of 3 Chef’s, choose the box’s with the recipes that you like, and receive the box in your house with the recipes inside the box. We recommend the fresh products to purchase and as a matter of magic follow the steps of the chef and prepare and surprise for those you love.

Today we highlight the box’s: Chef Hélio Loureiro


Top quality gourmet ingredients, different and sublime chef’s suggestions, all in one Box … for a unique dining experience.

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